Work efficiently with Arboos

Arboos is a data-driven collaborative office solution. With it, allow your teams to structure your data and create coherent and efficient views (documents, presentations, website...).


Data Operating System

Arboos is a data operating system based on the same principles as the original DOS file operating system. The granularity has been changed from the file to the data unit. We find the same principles of tree organization, access rights, data type... With the added possibility of automatically building and synchronising new data from existing data.

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Mind map

All the data stored in mind map software today is useful, because it allows us to better structure our thinking. Unfortunately, once this thinking is organised, we have to copy the information into other software to use it. With Arboos, which can be seen as an advanced MindMapping software, your data is useful from the beginning to the end of your projects.

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Object database

Standard databases store identical tables of data by isolating the different data types, although there are often structural links between them.After creating tables, the first job is often to build this structure using foreign keys. The developer must then follow these links to reform the structure. With Arboos, this architecture is naturally preserved, the data typing is still there and the first application screens are immediately usable. Translated with (free version)

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What is it for?

Arboos can be used for a wide range of applications. Here are some of them. It's up to you to imagine the others ... or to find them in the marketplace.


Since Lotus 123, all spreadsheets perform the same functions in the same way with the same limitations. Arboos offers a new structuring of data and new functionalities that will allow you to go further, more easily.

  • Vue arborescente des données

  • Données typées

  • Top-down ou bottom-up

  • Carte mentale

  • Formules

  • Publipostage

  • Plus sûr

  • Historique des données

Document generator

With Arboos, technical documents can finally be produced efficiently in teams. Define the structure of your data and documents, generate the templates and let your teams fill in the content without worrying about the form. Your documents will be uniform and will respect your quality and corporate criteria by construction.

  • Spécifications et dossiers de tests

    La traçabilité par construction

  • Manuels utilisateurs et supports de formation

    Des documents enfin cohérents

  • Rapports et présentations

    Plus de raté de copier/coller

  • Multilingue

  • LaTeX inside

    Pour des documents professionnels

Project management

Arboos is a generic data processing tool, provided with a few templates of business-oriented data structures useful to drive projects, create action lists, make meeting minutes... And of course you can build your own business data structures and share them with your colleagues or with all Arboos users.

  • Compte rendu de réunions

  • Plannings

  • Suivi des actions

  • Journal de projets

Content Management System

Arboos can also be used as a classic content management system, such as Wordpress or Drupal, with the added bonus of better data structuring, native multilingual support, and the ability to create redistributable and easily customizable site templates.

  • Multilingue

  • Modèle de site

  • Vos données sans copier/coller

  • Des briques réutilisables

    Blog, FAQ, Forums, ... sur étagères

  • Générez des documents à partir de votre site

Mobile Application

The data structures built with Arboos can be consulted and completed in a fully dynamic mobile application whose screens are built automatically. Once logged in, users can access or modify their data with the same rights they have in the web application.

  • IOS et Android

    React-Native pour une compatibilité IOS et Android.

  • QRCode

    Donnez des liens rapides vers les pages de données

  • Votre application

    Développez votre propre application


Data tree

For a top-down approach to your data

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Typed data

Because we don't put circles in squares

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Data view

Simple or complex views to customise your rendering

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Because we are in an open world

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Working together for safer data

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Market place

Build your business structures and applications from bricks, and distribute them.

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Arboos is currently used for several projects run by Arboos itself. These projects allow to test Arboos, to increase its functionalities and to give examples of what can be done with it.


Arboos uses Arboos for its website, but not only. Part of Arboos itself is developed with Arboos. This is the case for the profile of each user, the configuration of the data forests... This allows a very high scalability of Arboos, and gives the possibility to customize the Arboos application very easily.

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Hourras offers a new experience for viewers. They can now give their score during the quizzes, their answer during the games, their opinion during the shows, choose the best player during a match, and see live what other viewers have sent in.

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Because we only improve effectively what we measure, EasyReading offers a simple exercise to measure reading speed for children who are learning and for those accompanying them. This measurement enables the learning curve to be established and therefore the effective actions to be identified

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1bootik proposes the creation of a web showcase in less than 5 minutes with a smartphone application. The created showcase is directly accessible on the Internet.

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