Measuring reading speed to improve learning

Because we only improve effectively what we measure, EasyReading offers a simple exercise to measure reading speed for children who are learning and for those accompanying them. This measurement enables the learning curve to be established and therefore the effective actions to be identified

Students' view

A simple graphical view

Each teacher/parent can follow several pupils according to his subscription. The screens he/she uses at that moment are the native screens of Arboos, with adapted rights.

Progression curve

Each student has a personalised profile with his or her own progression curve based on the exercises performed.

A simple exercise

The proposed exercise is a reading exercise based on random sentences, which avoids anticipating the reading, by memory or logic. This also allows the exercise to be enhanced by questions on the comprehension and validity of the sentence.

An effective measure

The measurement made is expressed in syllables per minute. As the student improves, the exercises will be more complete and longer in order to increase the accuracy of the measurement.

Arboos in the back office

An application completely developed with Arboos.

As this is a browser-based application, all code and data is managed by Arboos. On the backoffice side, all necessary and sufficient functions exist natively in Arboos. The application itself is coded in javascript and the code is sent to the browser with HTML views. The Arboos JS API is used to access and modify the data in the application. A specific piece of code is executed on the server, for the generation of the random sentences. This code is in LUA in an isolated environment to guarantee its isolation and thus the security of the server.