Television 2.0

Hourras offers a new experience for viewers. They can now give their score during the quizzes, their answer during the games, their opinion during the shows, choose the best player during a match, and see live what other viewers have sent in.

Select your channel

The first step is to select the channel currently being watched on TV, or an international event for a broader experience.

Watch your programme with Hourras

Whether initiated by the programme or independent of it, viewers can share their feedback using screens specifically designed for each type of programme.

Depending on what happens

When an action takes place, when a question is asked, when a candidate performs...

Send your opinions and compare with others

Viewers use the Hourras application to send and view their feedback and that of others, aggregated by type of activity used.

Participate with other viewers

There are many activities available. For example, the rating activity allows you to give a rating to what is currently being broadcast, from 1 to 5 stars, and to see the overall rating generated, as well as the distribution of the ratings. This makes it possible, for example, to vote during TV talent shows such as The Voice, Top Chef, etc.

Arboos in the back office

API to access JSON configurations

Arboos is used for the configuration of the application, the list of strings, events, the setting of activities ...